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Basics of Islam
Allah is Yahweh
History of Islam
Prophet Muhammad
Non-Muslims Testify
The Companions
The Quran
Miracles of Islam
Evolution vs Islam
Sunnis vs. Shia
End of Time
Questions & Answers
Women in Islam
Islamic Lectures
Converts to Islam
Famous Muslims
Living like a Muslim
Islamic Resources
Terror& Evil Forces
Religious Principles
Moussa Articles
Islamic Chat





                                                       Questions & Answers


 Frequently Asked Questions by non-Muslims, particularly haters of Islam. Click to read the answer to each question:

1. Do Muslims worship Mohammad (p) ? Do Muslims view Mohammad (p) as God/ Allah ?

2. Who is Allah? Is Allah a pagan god ?

3. Is Yahweh mentioned in Quran ? Is Allah the same God referred to as Yahweh in the Bible ?

4. Do Muslims worship a black box (called Ka'ba) or a black stone in Mecca?

5. Is there any proof as to the validity of Islam as a religion from God ?

6. Are there any prophecies about Prophet Mohammad (p) in the Bible and holy scriptures of other religions ?

7. What are the miracles of Prophet Mohammad(p) ?

8. Is the information presented in the Quran compatible with Modern Science ?

9. What is the significance of the moon for Muslims? Do they worship the moon ? Why do some mosques have a crescent on their domes ?

10. Does Islam promote or condone Terrorism ?

11. Are there verses in the Quran that ask Muslims to kill infidels or non-Muslims ?

12. Was Islam spread by the sword ?

13. Has the "No Compulsion in Religion (Surah 2: Verse 256)" verse been abrogated or not?

14. Is Allah a loving, forgiving & Merciful God?

15. How was the character of Prophet Mohammad (p)?  Was he kind and merciful or wicked and vengeful ?

16. What happened to the Jewish tribe Banu Qurayza ?

17. How come the Quran (Koran) prohibits drinking alcohol, yet it says that paradise will have rivers of wine ?

18. Does Islam prohibit Muslims from becoming friends with Christians & Jews ?

19. How does Islam view the Angels versus the "Jinn" ?

20. What is the difference between Sunnis & Shia ?

21. What is the Night of Qadr ?

22. How does Islam's view of slavery compare to the Bible's view of slavery ?

23. Are Quran’s verses 19 - 20 of Surah 53 inspired by Satan ?

24. Does the Qur'an have the story of Adam & Eve as told in the Bible?  Are the stories similar or different ?

25. Is the Qur'an (Koran) copied from the Bible ?

26. What is unique about the Quran (Koran)? Why do Muslims regard the Quran as a miracle in by itself ?

27. Explain the compilation process, authenticity, and any variations (versions) of the Quran

28. Can you explain the concept of abrogation of verses in the Quran ?

29. How is the status of women in Islam? Are women considered inferior relative to men ?

30. Is polygamy allowed in Islam and to what extent ?

31. How come Prophet Mohammad (p) was married to more than 4 wives ?

32. Is the Hijab (veil, scarf, burqa, etc.) required? Is the Niqab (face cover) required ?

33. Does Islam support or condone Wife Beating ?

34. Does Islam require females to be circumcised ?

35. Does Islam require two women witnesses as a substitute for one man witness ?

36. What was the age of Aisha (Aysha or Ayesha) at the time her marriage to Prophet Mohammad was consummated ?

37. Does Islam require the killing of Apostates (Muslims who convert to other religions or leave Islam) ?

38. How does Islamic Law (Sharia) view and treat Non-Muslims ? What are the rights & obligations of Non-Muslims living in an Islamic State ?

39. Why are the punishments for crimes under Islamic Law so barbaric ?

40. Does freedom of speech justify the portrayal of Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) in the Danish Cartoons ?

41. Is music or singing forbidden in Islam ?

42. What are some of the inaccurate, twisted, and fabricated stories about Prophet Mohammad (p)?

43. One day in the sight of Allah, is it 1000 or 50'000 years ?

44. What did Allah create first Heaven or Earth ?

45. Were there Muslims before Islam ? click here for proof from the Bible that the religion Jesus preached was Islam

46. Are Jesus & his mother Mary descendants of David or Aaron ?


For more answers to questions posed by Haters of Islam, visit:

1. www.answering-christianity.com 

(Alleged contradictions or errors in Quran: http://www.answering-christianity.com/quran/quranerr.htm )

2. www.muslim-responses.com

3. www.time4truth.com/refutations.htm (answers from various sites)

4. www.islamic-answers.com

5. www.JustAskIslam.com

6. www.call-to-monotheism.com

8. www.answering-christian-claims.com

9. www.islamic-shield.com

10. www.sbeelAlislam.net

11. www.rasoulallah.net/v2/folder.aspx?lang=en&folder=29

12. http://islamicResponse.blogspot.com/

13. www.defending-islam.com

14. http://thefactsaboutislam.blogspot.com

15. http://sites.google.com/site/muslimanswers/Home/contradictions






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