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Basics of Islam
Allah is Yahweh
History of Islam
Prophet Muhammad
Non-Muslims Testify
The Companions
The Quran
Miracles of Islam
Evolution vs Islam
Sunnis vs. Shia
End of Time
Questions & Answers
Women in Islam
Islamic Lectures
Converts to Islam
Famous Muslims
Living like a Muslim
Islamic Resources
Terror& Evil Forces
Religious Principles
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                       Non-Muslims' view of Muslims, Islam, Prophet Mohammad (p), and the Quran


How A Muslim Child Saved Jeff Burns (Evangelical Minister) from a Life of Hatred


A female American Christian pastor defends Islam and attacks Islamophobia


 Karen Armstrong (Christian scholar on Religion): "Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time"



Lesley Hazleton, a Jewish Psychologist, admires Islam, Quran, and Prophet Mohammad (p)



Lesley Hazleton, a Jewish Psychologist, talks about her biography book about Prophet Muhammad (p)



Leslie Marshall talks about her view of Muslims based on her personal experience. She is an American, whose father is a Jew and mother is a Christian. Leslie Marshall is a Political Analyst, Journalist, Fox News Contributor.


 Amazing Connections between the Virgin Mary and Islam


The 3 Jewish Rabbis are: Benyamin Abrahamson, Menachem Froman & Yehuda Glick talk positively about Islam


Jewish Professor, Moshe Sharon, declares that all Prophets were Muslims


A Lecture by Jewish Israeli professor, Moshe Sharon, at Israel's Ben-Gurion University about Islam and the Prophet Mohammad (p)



Jewish Rabbi: Islam is the religion of the future


A Christian priest and a Jewish Rabbi express their admiration for Islam



Mark Siljander : A Christian, former U.S. Congressman in Michigan



Mark Siljander: Lecture at Islamic Community Center of Phoenix


American movie director, Michael Moore, on Burn the Quran day says Christ is mentioned 25 times in it why burn it?




Prophet Mohammad (p) was considered a great man by many non-Muslims thinkers




Prophet Mohammad (p) was ranked by Number 1 by Michael H. Hart's in his book "A ranking of the most influential persons in History"


Ten Great Non-Muslim Quotes about Islam by famous non-Muslims



An American Roman Catholic Priest appreciates Islam


Orthodox Christian priest: Allah is one, Muhammad is a Prophet, this is the Truth.


What Orthodox Christian Priest says about Muslims


An Orthodox Christian priest praising the Muslim Women


Russian Orthodox Christian priest admires Islam


What a Lebanese Christian Priest has to say about Islam and Muslims




Hindu priest praise Islam


A Hindu Pundit Praising Prophet Muhammad (p)



Islamophobia greater threat to West than Islamists



A Muslim saves two Jews in New York Subway


Rachel Daliwolf Hug's admires the Quran and Islam



An American Christian man is expressing appreciation for Islam



A Mormon American from LDCBookReviews.com is impressed by the Quran, after reading an A.J. Arberry's English translation







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