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Is Mohammad God?
Validity of Islam
Moon & Crescent
Killling Infidels
Spread by Sword
No Compulsion
Allah: loving God
Banu Qurayza
Wine in Paradise
BeFriend Christians
Angels vs. Jinn
Night of Qadr
Satanic Verses
Adam & Eve
Copied from Bible
Abrogation in Quran
Aisha's Age
Killing Apostates
Treating Non-Muslims
Sharia Punishments
Danish Cartoons
Is music haram?
Ibn Isshaq Stories
Day of Allah
Earth or Heaven first?
Muslims before Islam
Jesus of Aaron





Were there Muslims before Islam ?


Israeli Jewish Rabbi confirms Islam was religion of Noah & Adam (The video features 3 Jewish Rabbis are: Benyamin Abrahamson, Menachem Froman & Yehuda Glick.)



Recent Discoveries

Father Dr. Labib Kobti, an Arab Christian priest, in one his articles titled The Christian Arab Heritage (available on his web site at: http://www.al-bushra.org/arbhrtg/arbxtn04.htm ) says: "Recently Father Pecerillo, a famous Franciscan Archaeologist, found more than twenty churches in Madaba at the south of Jordan. From the Fourth Century, we found houses in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine with this inscription in Arabic :"Bism El-Lah al Rahman al Rahim" that showed that Christians were the first to use this name so as to indicate their belief in the Holy Trinity, more than two hundred years before Islam." 

What this Christian priest is revealing is extremely important for the following reasons:

(1) This Arabic phrase "Bism El-Lah al-Rahman al-Rahim" ( بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ) that the priest says has been discovered in houses of Christians dating back to the 4th Century is the same phrase that most Suras (Chapters) of the Quran start with. This phrase can be translated as "In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful".

(2) The fact that this phrase was found in houses of Christians dating back to the 4th Century, meaning three centuries before the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad. This indicates that the beliefs of early Christians were very similar to the beliefs of Muslims. In other early Christians did not believe in the Trinity: "In the name of Father, Son, Holy Spirit", instead they the Muslims phrase "In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful". This is proof that Jesus was a Muslim and he preached Islam, and early followers of Jesus were Muslims.


Jesus using the word "Muslim" in Luke 6:40

Luke 6:40 (N.I.V. Bible)

"A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher."

Luke 6:40 (King James Version)
40 The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect shall be as his master.

Luke 6:40 (American Standard Version)
40 The disciple is not above his teacher: but every one when he is perfected shall be as his teacher.


Let us look at what Jesus said in Luke 6:40 in Aramaic language translated into Hebrew as shown below:

hebrew_2.gif (3861 bytes)

"Ein talmeed na'leh 'al rabbo; shekken kal adam she'MUSHLAM yihyeh k'rabbo."

Note: Aramaic and Hebrew are read from right to left, which is opposite to English.

Translation in English: "No student can be above his teacher, but everyone who is a MUSLIM can be as his teacher."



For an in-depth analysis of Luke 6:40, read the excellent article below:


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