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Basics of Islam
Allah is Yahweh
History of Islam
Prophet Muhammad
Non-Muslims Testify
The Companions
The Quran
Miracles of Islam
Evolution vs Islam
Sunnis vs. Shia
End of Time
Questions & Answers
Women in Islam
Islamic Lectures
Converts to Islam
Famous Muslims
Living like a Muslim
Islamic Resources
Terror& Evil Forces
Religious Principles
Moussa Articles
Islamic Chat





Islamic Resources


The Original Quran in Arabic & Translations of the Quran

1. www.islamAwakened.com/index.php/qur-an  This site offers the Quran in Arabic as well as more than 50 English translations of the Quran.

2. www.GlobalQuran.com  This site features translations of the Quran into other languages (such as Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, etc.). Furthermore, you want to listen to recitation of each Sura (Chapter) .

3. www.Al-Quran.info  Translation of the Quran into many languages.

4. www.QuranBrowser.com Online translations of the Quran into English done by several translators. In addition, it offers transliteration of the Quran in Latin/English letters.

5. www.alTafseer.com Has its own contemporary English translation of the Quran and online versions of Quran Tafseer ( exegesis or interpretation of the Quran).

6. www.irfan-ul-quran.com/quran/english/   In this site, you will be able to view the Quran in Arabic, with  English and Urdu translations done by Dr. Mohammad Tahir ul Qadri.

7. www.parsQuran.com.com   Quran in Arabic & Persian

8.  www.QuranFlash.com view the Arabic Quran, in an interactive Flash format.

9. www.FreeQuran.com Quran online

10. www.YourMuslimNeighbor.com Through this site, you can obtain a free copy of an English or Spanish translation of Quran to be mailed to you.

11. www.kalamullah.com  Listen or Download Quran recitations in MP3 format.

12. www.zekr.org Quran software

13. www.tanzil.net Quran text

14. www.theHolyQuran.org

15. http://quran.ksu.edu.sa/index.php#aya=1_1&m=warsh&qaree=husary&trans=ar_mu   (Quran based on Hasfs and the Quran based on Warsh)

16. www.NQuran.com  Quran variations

17. www.QuranIndex.info  browse Holy Quran verses in more than 700 Topics, 42 Verses Translations, 21 Reciters, 56 Quran PDF translations and more.

18. www.QuranFul.com  Quran in Arabic, with English translation.

19. http://corpus.quran.com/translation.jsp  7 translations of the Quran into English

20. www.HodaAlQuran.com  Each verse of the Quran is analyzed in depth.

21. http://elRazi.AzureWebsites.net The Quran in Arabic and translations of the Quran into several languages, with some search and research functions.


Quran-teaching Schools and Tutors

1. www.QuranSchooling.com  Quran Schooling is an online Quran Teaching Academy that provides an opportunity to learn the Quran online.

2. www.LearnReadQuran.com  An online Quran Academy that offers Quran Recitation course, Quran Memorization course, Quran Translation course, and  Learning Arabic language Course.


3. www.AlQuranClasses.com Classes for recitation and memorization of the Quran (special classes for women and for children), and classes for learning Arabic.



Hadith, Quran Interpretation (Exegesis), and Fiqh

1. www.iiu.edu.my/deed/hadith/ Translations of Islamic reference books about Hadith & Sunnah, such as Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, etc.

2. www.Al-islam.com Site of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Islamic Affairs & Dawa (it has lots of Islamic books online, including Hadith in Arabic, etc.)

3. www.GuidedWays.com Quran, Hadith, and Tafseer, etc.

4. www.islamicEmirate.com  Hadith books: Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Malik, Hadith Kudsi, etc. (in English)

5. www.IslamWeb.net  Has Quran interpretation books and Fiqh books of Shafi, Malki, Hanbali, etc.

6. www.islamWare.com/Downloads.shtml On this site, you can download Hadith & Tafsir (Quran Interpretation) books

7. www.AsSalat.net   This site is about the Salat (Prayer), Tahara (Purity), Wudu, Khusul, etc. (This site is in Arabic language)

8. www.AlMenhaj.net  in Arabic


Islamic Books

1. www.IslamBasics.com Huge collection of valuable, free, Islamic books.

2. www.kalamullah.com Huge collection of Islamic books that you can download.

3. http://read.kitabklasik.co.cc/p/all-books.html   Islamic books

4. http://read.kitabklasik.co.cc

5. www.Scribd.com  is not Islamic site, but has a large collection of Islamic books that can be downloaded free of charge.

6. http://arabic.IslamicWeb.com


Islamic Organizations

1. www.ISNA.net  Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is the largest Islamic organization in the U.S. and Canada. It serves as an association of Islamic organizations.

2. www.CAIR.com  The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is the largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy group in the U.S. and Canada.

3. www.WhyIslam.org  If you have questions about Islam and need to talk to a knowledgeable Muslim, call (toll-free in the U.S. & Canada): 1(877)WhyIslam . On this site, you can order a free translation of the Quran to be mailed worldwide to you.

4. www.CDAdawah.com Canadian Dawah Association

5. www.theP4E.com  Paradise Forever- Islamic Dawa, Educational and Social-Support Center in Toronto, Canada

6. www.bridges-foundation.org


Answering Accusations & Misconception about Islam

1. www.answering-christianity.com This site is specialized in answering accusations against Islam posed by haters of Islam.

2. www.muslim-responses.com also specialized in answering accusations against Islam

3. www.islamic-answers.com also specialized in answers to accusations against Islam.

4. www.answering-christian-claims.com

5. www.call-to-monotheism.com

6. www.youtube.com/ozzycda

7. www.youtube.com/user/Converted2Islam


Questions, Answers, and Fatwas primarly of interest to Muslims

1. www.IslamQA.com  Excellent site for reading Fatwas and answers to specific Islamic issues.

2. www.islamOnline.net  has an interesting "Ask a Scholar" section.


Islamic Scientific Miracles

1. www.SymmetricBook.com  book about the Mathematical & Numerical miracles of the Quran

2. www.heliwave.com   Quran analysis software

3. www.kaheel7.com/eng/  Islamic Scientific Miracles

4. www.AlArgam.com  Numerical analysis of Quran


Sites about the End Times

1. www.SignsoftheLastDay.com

2. www.AwaitedMahdi.com

3. www.MahdiAccordingToFourSunniSchools.com

4. www.JesuswillReturn.com

5.  http://kalwid.BravePages.com/ketab.htm End of Israel & the U.S. 


Islamic Calendar

1.  www.staff.science.uu.nl/~gent0113/islam/islam_tabcal.htm

2.  www.MakkahCalendar.org


Miscellaneous Islamic Sites

1. www.TheDeenShow.com The is the site of The Deen Show which is broadcasted on TV in the U.S. It features interviews with Muslim converts and scholars. It also features online Original Quran (in Arabic) and translations of the Quran to 24 languages, including 5 English translations.

2. www.islamiCity.com

3. www.BiblioIslam.net

4. www.islamTomorrow.com Yusuf Estes' web site.

5. www.talkIslam.com

6. www.islamforToday.com

7. www.IslamEvents.com

8.  www.99islam.com

9. www.islamforGreeks.org  Islam for Greek People.

10. www.Islam.ru  The top Islamic site in Russia.

11. www.CarolinaMuslims.com

12. www.islamHouse.com  Information about Islam in several languages

13. www.islamic-awareness.org

14. www.YushaEvans.com  The site of Joshua (Yusha) Evans, a young highly-sought after Islamic speaker, who used to be a Christian Youth Minister & Missionary.

15. www.IslamTutor.com/quran.php?p=quran-statistics-2

16. www.islamic-invitation.com   features several Islamic TV channels.

17. www.DonateforIslam.com/

19. www.RouteToIslam.org

20. www.islam-is-pretty.blogspot.com

21. www.LifeRaises.com  It offers Islamic resources in several languages.

22. www.StartLocal.com.au/articles/educational_islam.html

23. www.GainPeace.com It is a site for people interested in learning about Islam. It has toll-free telephone number in the U.S. (1-800-662-ISLAM) for people to call and a live chat online. It mails a free Quran.


Islamic Sites in World languages (other than English & Arabic)

Shqip (Albanisch)


Bosanski (Bosnisch)







Македонский (Mazedonisch)


Magyar/Hungarian (Ungarisch)





Slovenščina (Slowenisch)



 Türkçe (Türkisch)





Do you have any question about Islam?


Get an answer to your question about Islam NOW in a live, text chat / conversation online, with a person who is knowledgeable about Islam, by visiting our Islamic Chat page .



Important Announcement


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the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events


This book (which consists of more than 3000 pages) explains why  the Mahdi will emerge most likely in year 2023, the Dajjal will emerge most likely in year 2024, and Jesus will return most likely in 2025, in-sha-Allah (if Allah is willing).


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