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Status of Women
U.S. Muslim Women
Polygamy in Islam
More than 4 wives
Wife Beating?
Female Circumcision
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Is the Hijab (veil, scarf, burqa, etc.) required for Muslim women?

Muslim Women's Hijab is term that refers to more than just a head cover. It refers to the requirement that women (females who have reached the age of puberty) wear items of clothing that cover the whole body, except for the face, hands, and feet, when they are in public or in the presence of least one adult man who is not her husband or close family member. It is generally considered required by most Muslim scholars. The hijab does not have to be of specific style, shape, color or fabric. The hijab could consist of Western (European, North American, etc.) clothing, provided that it covers the parts of the body that we have described earlier. However, any dress/outfit worn must be relatively loose, not too tight.

The verses in the Quran that refer to how women should dress are somewhat vague and thus have been subject to different interpretations. However, in the Hadith (which are collections of Prophet Mohammad's sayings; they are not part of the Quran), there is more evidence to support the view that the hijab is required or at least it is the proper way to dress. The most often quoted narration used by those who view hijab as a required practice is the one in which prophet Mohammad (s.a.a.w.s.) explains to Asma (his wife's sister Aisha who was wearing a relatively transparent outfit while visiting her sister Aisha) that she must cover her body except for her face and hands.

There is a verse in the Quran that says that God doesn't want Muslims to experience hardship (in any matter). Therefore, we can conclude that it may be permissible (God knows best) for Muslim women not to fulfill the full requirements of hijab if they live in circumstances under which wearing such hijab would make their lives very difficult, such as being subject to the possibility of physical harm, discrimination in the job market, inability to attend public schools/universities, etc. This can apply for Muslim women who live in countries where the majority of people are non-muslims as well as in countries where the majority of people are Muslims, but there is some hostility or discrimination against women who wear hijab. However, we should emphasize that even in such circumstances, Muslim women should dress modestly.


Is the Niqab (face cover) required for Muslim women?

Niqab is a face cover. It is not required by Islam, but is only recommended in extreme cases.

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