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Russian Boy
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                                                                                 Miraculous Russian Boy

Qur'anic verses in Arabic have reportedly appeared on the body of a nine-month old boy named Ali from the Russian Republic of Dagestan. Surprisingly, one of the baby's legs shows the Quranic verse (13: 16) which can be translated as: "Allah is the creator of everything."

Since his birth, birthmarks in the form of Arabic script have been appearing on Ali's body. First, there were individual letters but then Arabic texts began appearing, the Russian-language Vesti news channel quoted his parents as saying on Thursday.

"First, there was a hematoma on his chin. When the bruise went off, we saw the word "Allah" Ali's mother Madina Yakubova said.

The TV channel reported that Ali was first diagnosed with "ischemic heart disease of the second degree" and "infantile cerebral paralysis" in the maternity clinic. However, after the inexplicable events began happening, he was examined again and found healthy.

The incident has been drawing hundreds of Dagestani Muslims to Ali's home everyday, prompting local authorities to guard the house round-the-clock.


Great News

We would like to share with you our thoughts regarding a very important matter that is currently being witnessed in Russia.

Quranic verses and Hadiths [sayings of Prophet Mohammad (s.a.a.w.s.)] are appearing underneath the skin of a 9-month old Russian Muslim boy in Dagestan, Russia.

This could be just a sign from Allah that the Quran and Hadith are true, but it could also have a far more special significance.

This is possibly a Sign from Allah announcing the Al-Mahdi will appear soon.   However, this boy most likely is not Al-Mahdi. For information about the Mahdi, click here.

It is worth noting that Allah's prophets had signs preceding them, including signs that occurred at the time of their birth. Al-Mahdi is not a prophet, but certainly  a very important figure with a special mission from Allah. For information about the Signs that preceded Prophet Mohammad (s.a.a.w.s.),

Start spreading the good news about this important sign from Allah. Tell (send emails to) all people you know about this Sign.

Allah knows best!

Click here for information about the End of Time 



Another News Report about the Russian Baby

The Yakubov family which lives in the village of Krasnoktia prskaya in the region of Kizlar in Dagestan gave birth to a strange baby. On various parts of his body appeared religious sentences in Arabic language. The parents of Ali who is 9 months old  have now agreed to reveal these writings on his body.

His mother said that these inscriptions have appeared since his birth and at the approach of the sacred month Ramadan, these Koranic verses appeared on the skin. The last verses that we filmed can be translated as Allah (Unique God) is the Creator of everything. When these inscriptions begin to appear, the temperature of the child rises and he begins to cry.

The nurse Rasulova said: " from a medical point of view, I cannot explain that " . The appearances of these Koranic verses remain a phenomenon which one can explain scientifically. All that we can say it is that they appear with an ascent of the temperature. Ali is the 2nd child of this family and we did not notice this phenomenon with his sister and until this day, the scientific authorities remain silent.

-----------------------------------------------------------  -----------------------------------------------------------

Miracle Baby gives hope in Russian Muslim South

Pilgrims flock to see baby with Koran allegedly on skin

Thu Oct 22, 2009 1:00am EDT

By Amie Ferris-Rotman

KIZLYAR, Russia, Oct 21 (Reuters) - A "miracle" baby has brought a kind of mystical hope to people in Russia's mostly Muslim southern fringe who are increasingly desperate in the face of Islamist violence.

From hunchbacked grandmas to schoolboys, hundreds of pilgrims lined up this week in blazing sunshine to get a glimpse of 9-month-old baby Ali Yakubov, on whose body they say verses from the Koran appear and fade every few days.

Pinkish in colour and several centimetres high, the Koranic verse "Be thankful or grateful to Allah" was printed on the infant's right leg in clearly legible Arabic script this week, religious leaders said. Visiting foreign journalists later saw a single letter after the rest had vanished.

"The fact that this miracle happened here is a signal to us to take the lead and help our brothers and sisters find peace," said Sagid Murtazaliyev, head of the Kizlyar region about 150 km (95 miles) north of Makhachkala, the sprawling Dagestani capital on the Caspian Sea.

"We must not forget there is a war going on here," he told Muslim leaders who had invited the press to witness what they unequivocally claim is a sign from God.

Islam in Russia is widely believed to have originated in ethnically rich Dagestan, where 3 million people speak over 30 languages and whose ancient walled city of Derbent claims to be Russia's oldest city.

A spate of recent suicide bombs and armed attacks on police and security services in Dagestan, Ingushetia and neighbouring Chechnya, where Russia has fought two separatist wars, has shattered a few years of relative calm in the North Caucasus.

Local leaders have told President Dmitry Medvedev they are struggling to contain an Islamist insurgency pervading all spheres of society in the north Caucasus -- a region named after the Caucasus mountains that divide Russia from strategically important Georgia and Azerbaijan, where oil and gas pipelines flow to the West.

Up to 2,000 pilgrims from Russia's 20 million Muslim population come daily to see the docile, blue-eyed baby, whose pink brick house has become a shrine.


Green satin flags mark the way to the baby's modest family home in Kizlyar, a small town of lime-coloured mosques, cornfields and dirt roads whose dust bellows into the sky.

Dagestan's omnipresent armed police patrol the house while imams change photos of Yakubov's arms and legs covered in Arabic script from previous episodes to both jubilation and wails from the bustling crowd.

They say the fact Yakubov's 27-year-old father Shamil works in the police force -- a regular target by militants -- is proof of divine intervention.

Holding up his right foot where a single Arabic letter remained from the latest episode, Yakubov's 26-year-old mother Madina said she had no doubt the verses -- which first appeared two weeks after birth -- were connected to extremism.

"Allah is great and he sent me my miracle child to keep our people safe," she told Reuters, adjusting her tight purple hijab which crowns a multi-coloured kaftan.

Though divine "miracles" are common in Christianity -- such as weeping icons and stigmata, bleeding wounds in the hands and feet similar to those of Christ -- Islam rarely has them.

Outside her home, pilgrims prayed and gave thanks to Allah.

Supermarket attendant Madina Nikolayeva travelled from Ukraine to see the baby. Behind her, Akhmed Khadzhy had been waiting all day in the queue.

"Allah is watching over Dagestan," said the pensioner from Khasavyurt near the Chechen border, where clashes with security forces had killed three militants the night before. (Reporting by Amie Ferris-Rotman; Editing by
Sonya Hepinstall  )


News about this Russian Boy on Russian TV channels


Quran Verses under the skin of Russian boy



Islamic verses of Quran on a Russian baby boy



Latest News about Russian Boy - Quran verses under his skin



In the photo below, Quranic verse (13: 16) appears on the baby's leg and can be translated as: "Allah is the Creator of Everything".



In the photo below, Quranic verse (2: 283) appears on the baby's leg and can be translated as: "Don't withhold testimony (bearing witness). Whoever withholds it, his hearts becomes tainted with sin".



In the photo below, a well-known Hadith (saying) of Prophet Mohammad [mentioned in Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 8, #493 & #627] appears on the baby's leg and can be translated as: "If you knew what I know, you would laugh at little and weep a lot."




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