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                                                                          Miraculous Tanzanian Boy


Sharif-uddin (or Sharif-iddin) Khalifa, is a miraculous boy, born in in Arusha, in the Northern part of Tanzania (a country in East Africa), in December 1993. Muslims are only a minority in Tanzania and Arabic language is not a native in Tanzania. His parents were Catholic Christians. Their native language is Swahili and they did not know Arabic.

When he was a little child, his parents (who were Christians) noticed that he was able to recite the whole Quran by heart, even though no body had ever taught him to do so.

At the age of two months, he refused to suckle his mother's milk.

At the age of four months, he started reciting verses from the Holy Quran.

By the time he was one-year old, he was able to recite the whole Quran and went on to be able to preach in Arabic, Swahili and French without any formal education.

It is reported that his first words were: "You people repent and you will be accepted by God"  and he spoke these words in Arabic. His concerned parents initially thought he was possessed by demons and called Christian priests to pray for the baby.

Eventually, Muslim neighbors were able to interpret Sharif's alien speech. After his parents recognized that the significance of what their boy is saying and that he is miracle from God, his parents converted to Islam.

Furthermore, despite the fact that he is from Tanzania, he speaks Arabic fluently in addition to 4 other languages (English, French, Italian, and Swahili). He is able to pick up languages very fast, he once said: "I went to Congo and heard people speaking Lingala (the local language). I immediately was able to start speaking it."

Today, he delivers sermons and lectures in Africa and Europe that draw thousands of people to listen to him. Because of this boy, thousands of people have converted to Islam.


The following is an article about him that was published in a Scottish newspaper on Aug. 8,1999:


5-year-old Tanzanian boy converts thousands of people to Islam





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