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Scientific Miracles
Scientific Knowledge in Quran
Scientists amazed by Quran
Quran & Embryos
Verses 9-12 of Sura 41
Bible Quran& Science
Origin of Man
Science in Quran





                                                       Scientific Knowledge in the Quran

The following series about the Scientific Knowledge in the Quran is called "There is No Clash". It is presented by Clare Forestier, who works for BBC.


The Qur'an: A Very Serious Book for Those Who Have Knowledge - There Is No Clash



When are you officially dead? Quran Answered before science - There Is No Clash



Quran confirms evolution and human African roots - There Is No Clash



Verses of Quran that Californians Should Study (Rain & Earthquakes)! There Is No Clash


Ouzo effect in the Quran - There Is No Clash



Quran: Birds have an Internal GPS - There Is No Clash



Be Healthy, Eat Like a Muslim! There Is No Clash



What are cryptic pregnancies and why do they matter in Islam? There Is No Clash



What determines the sex of a baby? There Is No Clash



A spermís Journey and Embryology in Quran - There Is No Clash


How to See the 7th Heaven! There Is No Clash


Cosmic Calendar in holy Quran - There Is No Clash


How the universe is going to end. Quran confirms Higgs Boson - There Is No Clash


Quran Explains We Are Made of Stardust! - There Is No Clash



The Big Bang in the Quran? There Is No Clash


What causes gravity? There Is No Clash



Is a black hole shaped like a finite worm-hole (funnel) or a finite jujube tree (twisted funnel)?



Quantum and light coherence simply explained in Quran - There Is No Clash



Einsteinís relativity simply explained in Quran - There Is No Clash



Islam would have saved Galileo! There Is No Clash







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