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Erroneous Doctrines
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Newton was Unitarian
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Constantine, Christianity & Mithraism



History Of Christianity - How Christianity Was Invented


Zeitgeist - The Movie



Paul, Christianity & Mithraism



True Origin of Christianity



Catholic Church incorporated Paganism



How Christianity was Manufactured - Origins of Christianity



American Catholic girls learn about the false image of Jesus



The Origin of the Trinity is Babylon

(Source: www.kenraggio.com )

Satan knows much of the plan of God. He knows that according to the word of God in Genesis 3:15, one day a "heel" would come to "bruise his head". So he formulated a plan and devised a religious system that people would believe in, kill for, even be willing to die for. This religious system would be an occult system, centering upon Mystery Babylon. This system was to eventually control the world, and to attempt to deify Satan as lord.

To introduce this system into the world, he used two people. Nimrod a son of Cush and the grandson of Ham, the son of Noah (Genesis 10:6-11). His very name is defined by Smiths' Bible Dictionary as meaning "rebellion". The other person used in the propagation of this, self-serving, self-seeking society was Semiramis. Together with Nimrod she ruled Babel, one of the first major cities constructed after the flood. (Genesis 11:1-9)

According to the nineteenth century historian, Alexander Hislop, most dependable historians agree that Babel (Babylon) was the primal source from which all idolatry spread to the ancient world. Also according to Hislop, Shem the son of Noah killed Nimrod because of his iniquitous practices. Semiramis however, moved quickly. She became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Tammuz. She let it be known that this was Nimrod reincarnate. This was the first intimation of the "trinity" as associated with the worship and deification of the godhead. (The Two Babylons, Alexander Hislop, The Force, pg.11, Chick Publications).

Another historian, Ralph Woodrow, concluded that to this present time, evidence of Babylonian worship exists in "all the false religions of the earth." (Babylon, Mystery Religion-Ralph Woodrow).

Beginning in Babylon and finding its' way into all ancient societies was the teaching of "Pantheism". Pantheism teaches that all forces, manifestations, etc. of the universe are god. (Sun worship, animal deification, etc.) This is the same doctrine being propagated today as "New Age". This teaching has been a threat to humanity throughout the ages. It was a very real threat even during the time of the Apostles. (See Romans 1:20-32)

However the main god of Babylon was a god represented by an equilateral triangle, or as a single body with three heads. This is the most ancient depiction of the "trinity". Even in this modern age, Buddhist, Hindus and Catholics still retain a "trinity" as their god. They also still retain certain symbols (the equilateral triangle, etc.) as the symbol of god.

Babylon is the very mother or originator of all paganism. The spread of pantheism, with Satan at its' pinnacle, was precipitated by the confusion of the languages at Babel.

By the time of Moses, the gods of Babylon had spread over the face of the earth. Many kingdoms had arisen from the plains of Shinar and moved across the face of the earth. Taking with them the ancient deities of Babylon. Edom, Ammon, Midian, Egypt, etc. Only the names of their gods had changed. The Egyptian trinity were Isis, Horus, and Seb. Mystery Babylon was flourishing, growing and prospering.

Upon the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus the Roman General in 70 AD., Mystery Babylon was forced to change it's face and shift its base of power once again. The new base of power was shifted to Rome.

During the reign of Nero, emperor of Rome, a mass persecution began against the church of Jesus Christ. Nero also instituted many imitation Christian churches for the purpose of entrapping and enslaving the true believers of Acts Two. (Archives of the Vatican, Chick Publications, Vol. 16). Many times these false churches used Jewish Synagogues as meeting places.

To take advantage of this growing wave of Christianity, both true and false, Constantine professed a conversion to the new religion. He declared himself the spiritual leader of Christianity and made himself Pontiff Maximus, the inaugural pope.

He issued an edict of tolerance to draw the true believers out of hiding. But only those that accepted his form of Christianity (Roman Catholicism/ Mystery Babylon) were protected.

Afterward, Constantine moved the capital of his empire to Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) in the east. The Bishops of his Catholic System (Mystery Babylon) seized the opportunity to take control of the empire.

By the third century after Christ, Mystery Babylon was once again a well established entity with its headquarters in Rome.

During this catholic reign of terror approximately 68 million people were tortured or killed for refusing to worship this spirit of antichrist.

From Mystery Babylon in Rome, we have seen a number of children birthed. These children of the harlot, retain her doctrines and her symbols (Trinity, Equilateral Triangle, etc.) We have also witnessed a number of secret societies emerge from the folds of her garments, (Knights of Columbus, Masons, Shriners, etc.) All having their roots in the occult.

Mystery Babylon. What is her basic belief? A multiplicity of gods or Pantheism, their roots being Luciferianism!   





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