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Swedish Converts / Reverts (Sweden)


Swedish Ambassador converts to Islam قصه اسلام سفير السويد


Swedish man Converts to Islam Overnight!


Swedish Girl Converted to Islam 


Young Swedish man converts to Islam


Swedish Ms Liza Convert To Islam Sweden Muslim kvinnor konverterar till Islam



Abdul Haq, a Swedish young man, converts to Islam   قصــة مؤثـرة اسـلام عبدالحـق من السـويد


 Leila from Sweden: Story of her conversion to Islam


Daniel, a Swedish man, converts to Islam


ileen (Ellen) converted from Atheism to Islam. How I became a Muslim. Part 1 of 2 (her YouTube channel is "Eslimah")


ileen (Ellen) converted from Atheism to Islam. How I became a Muslim. Part 1 of 2


Sarah, from Sweden, reverted / converted to Islam


Many Swedish people are reverting To Islam


converting to Islam _islam i Sverige


Swedish girl converts To Islam


Swedish Christian live converting to Islam


Swedish girl convert to Islam 1 of 2


Swedish girl convert to Islam 2 of 2


A girl from Sweden reverts to Islam


A Swedish man converts to Islam 1 of 2


A Swedish man converts to Islam 2 of 2


A man from Sweden declares his conversion to Islam


My shahada



I am (a swedish woman) converting to islam!


Swedish family in Malmo bearing testimony that there no God except Allah


A man from Sweden becomes a Moslem


Interview with a Swedish man who has converted to Islam (1 of 3)


Interview with a Swedish man who has converted to Islam (2 of 3)


Interview with a Swedish man who has converted to Islam (3 of 3)


Swedish girl becomes Muslima and wears Niqab


A Christian Swedish young man chooses to become Moslem 1 of 3


A Christian Swedish young man chooses to become Moslem 2 of 3


A Christian Swedish young man chooses to become Moslem 3 of 3




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