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Authenticity of Quran
Structure of Quran
Reflections on Quran
Nourani Letters/Words
Quran in English





                                             English Translations of the Quran

In this section, we are providing 8 English translations of the Quran. Muslims regard ONLY the original Arabic Quran as a holy scripture. Translations of the Quran are done by human translators; therefore, Muslims do not consider any translation of the Quran as a holy scripture.

The translations were done by:

1. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali, 1893-1987 and Muhammad Muhsin Khan, 1926-?

2. Maulana Muhammad Ali, 1876-1951  (He is Qadiani/ Ahmadi)

3. Marmaduke William Muhammad Pickthall, 1875-1936

4. Rashad Khalifa, 1935-1990  (He claimed to be a Messenger)

5. Muhammad Sarwar

6. Mohamedali Habib Shakir, 1904-1959

7. Sher Ali,  ?-1947

8. Abdullah Yusuf Ali, 1872-1953

Note: Most of these translators have Pakistani/Indian background, except for Rashad Khalifa who is Egyptian and Marmaduke Pickthall who is a British convert to Islam.

To read the Quran English Translations, simply click below:

English Translations of Quran: Chapter 1 - 20

English Translations of Quran: Chapter 21 - 40

English Translations of Quran: Chapter 41 - 60

English Translations of Quran: Chapter 61 - 80

English Translations of Quran: Chapter 81 - 100

English Translations of Quran: Chapter 101 - 114


Other translations of the Quran to English:

1.  www.GlobalQuran.com  This site features translations of the Quran into other languages (such as Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, etc.). Furthermore, you want to listen to recitation of each Sura (Chapter) at : www.GlobalQuran.com/?recitation .

2. www.QuranBrowser.com Online translations of the Quran into English done by the same translators we feature on our site, in addition to translations by non-Muslims such as A. J. Arberry (published in 1955), Edward E. H. Palmer (published in 1980), J. M. Rodwell (published in 1861), George Sale (published in 1734). In addition, it offers transliteration of the Quran in Latin/English letters.

3. www.irfan-ul-quran.com/quran/english/   In this site, you will be able to view the Quran in Arabic, with  English and Urdu translations done by Dr. Mohammad Tahir ul Qadri.

4. www.alTafseer.com This is the site of a Jordanian Islamic research institute that features its own contemporary English translation of the Quran and several online Quran Tafseer ( exegesis or interpretation of the Quran).

 5.  www.al-quran.info






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