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Islamic Miracles Today
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Scientific Miracles in Islam
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                                                                           Islamic Miracles Today


Dr. Knut Pfeiffer, a Christian German doctor specialist in internal medicine, has discovered that Zamam water has far more positive effect on human cells than regular drinking water from Munich, Germany. Zamzam water comes from a spring in Mecca created by God to save the life of Hajar (Abraham's wife) and her son Ishmael when they were in the desert. He also believes that Islamic prayers are more positive effect on the energy and thus health than Christian prayers. For more info: www.pst-knutpfeiffer.de .


TV interview with Dr. Knut Pfeiffer about his discoveries regarding ZamZam water



Zam Zam Water scientific study by Dr Knut Pfeiffer at Madina Mosque


"Marwiya Film " The Secret Of Zamzam water



Dr. Masaru Emoto, a non-Muslim Japanese scientist discovers the effect of Islamic words & symbols on water molecules. On Egyptian TV, an Egyptian scientist explains how a Japanese scientist, seated beside him, discovered the effect of the Quran, Islamic words & symbols, and the Call to Prayer (Azan) on water molecules (when observed under electronic microscopes) producing different shapes of amazing crystals, depending on the Islamic word or symbol used. Since water constitutes 70% of our body, this discovery helps explain the soothing & pleasant feeling effect on people when they hear Islamic words and they are in Islamic places of worship. For more information about Dr. Masaru Emoto, visit www.masaru-emoto.net





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