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End of Israel
Disasters & Cosmics
The Mahdi
Shia's Mahdi:AntiChrist
Shia End Times
Return of Jesus
Gog and Magog
China in End of Time
Jewish End Times
Daniel 9 Prophecy
Christian End Times
Treasures & Relics
Fitan & Tribulations
Nuaim bin Hammad
Seal of the Awliya
Clear View of End
Minor Signs
Euphrates River
Arabia River
Major Signs
End of Time Videos





Upcoming Changes, Disasters & Cosmic Events

Our expectations are as follows:

1. We expect that an important star referred to in Quran as Tariq Star to approach the Earth and cause Switching/Shifting in the Poles of the Earth.

2. It is possible that we may experience not only "natural" disasters, but also disasters planned by certain evil individuals, groups, and governments. For example, they may create epidemics/ pandemics and spread them.


1. Tariq Star

Tariq Star is not only mentioned  in Chapter 86 of the Quran, but in fact, Chapter 86 is titled Sura Al-Tariq. This indicates that the Tariq Star is something very important. 

NASA says physical polar shifting happens slowly. A complete shifting may take more than  1,000 years. Experts say that an abrupt geomagnetic reversal (pole shifting) will only be possible if a powerful heavenly body comes close enough to the Earth. This planet should be powerful enough to disrupt the Earth`s magnetic field with its gravitational pull and trigger pole shifting. NASA said there is no planet that big or powerful enough to conquer the Earth's gravity. This feared heavenly body could be the Tariq Star.


2. Arabian Peninsula will become full of pastures and rivers again

Furthermore, we need to point out a very significant prophecy made by Prophet Mohammad.

Prophet Mohammad made a very significant prophecy. He prophesied in a Hadith (transmitted in 2 variations) that the land of the Arabs (Arabian Peninsula) will return to being paradises and rivers.

عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه أن النبي صلى الله عليه و سلم قال : " لا تقوم الساعةُ حتى يكثر المال ويفيض ، حتى يخرج الرجل بزكاة ماله فلا يجد أحداً يقبلها منه ، و حتى تعود أرض العرب مروجاً و أنهاراً " . صحيح مسلم

Based on Abu Huraira, Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم  said: " The Hour (of Resurrection) will not occur..... until the land of the Arabs returns to being pastures and rivers." (Sahih Muslim).


A variation of this Hadith appears in Musnad Ahmad:  

لن تقوم الساعه حتى تعود جزيرة العرب كما كانت جنات وأنهار

The Hour (of Resurrection) will not occur until the Arabian Peninsula returns, as it used to be, paradises and rivers." (Musnad Ahmad)


The Quran in verses 131-135 of Sura Al-Shu'ara (Chapter 26)  mentions that the land of people of Aad in Arabia used to be like paradise before God destroyed the city and turned Arabia into desert because they disobeyed God. There are lots of indications that the U.S. is similar to Aad and will receive a similar punishment from God:

أرض العرب كانت أرضاً خصبة ، و هي حقيقة أكدها القرآن الكريم فيما ذكره تعالى من قول نبي الله هود عليه السلام و هو يدعو قومه عاد الذين كانوا يسكنون في الجنوب من أرض العرب ، قال تعالى : { فَاتَّقُوا اللهَ وَ أَطِيعُونِ ( 131 ) و اتَّقُوا الذَّي أَمَدَّكُم بِمَا تَعلَمُونَ ( 132 ) أَمَدَّكُم بِأَنعَامٍ وَبَنيِن ( 133 ) وَجَنَّاتٍ وَ عُيُونٍ ( 134 ) إنّي أَخَافُ عَلَيكُم عَذَابَ يَومٍ عَظِيمٍ } [ الشعراء : 131 - 135 ]

131. So fear Allah and obey me. 132. And fear Him (Allah) Who has helped you with the things which you know. 133. He has helped you with cattle and children, 134. And (also) with gardens and springs. 135. Surely I fear the torment of a Terrible Day coming upon you. (Chapter 26: 131-135)


Dr. Farouq El-Baz, NASA scientist and Professor at Boston University piqued the interest of Biblical scholars around the world with his announcement of the so-called Kuwait River. The idea that a river once flowed across the deserts of Arabia, and somehow connected with the Tigris and/or Euphrates River, seemed far-fetched. Yet evidence for such a river came from the satellite radar images taken during the 1994 mission of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Al-Baz studied the images, and noticed that traces of a defunct river that crossed northern Arabia from west to east were visible beneath the sands, thanks to the ground-penetrating capabilities of the radar technologies. He called it the Kuwait River (believed to have ran through Wadi Al-Batin valley in Northeastern Saudi Arabia, in ancient times) for that is where it apparently connected with the Euphrates or emptied into the Persian Gulf. For more information about this newly-discovered ancient river, click here.

This indicates that the Arabian Peninsula used to be green pastures many centuries ago, instead of its current condition as a desert. More importantly, this means we should expect a major cosmic event in the upcoming years that will cause such a dramatic change in World climate.


Furthermore, the following video below talks about a major crack in the earth in Ethiopia that has formed in 2005, due to an earthquake, which may lead Africa to split into two continents separated by an ocean. This will make the Arabian Peninsula on the ocean. This will make the climate in Arabia milder, turning Arabia into green pastures as Prophet Mohammad has prophesied.

Big crack in Ethiopia


    ------------------------------------------------        --------------------------------------------

                                             Solar flares

The following is a portion  of  an article by Richard Lowe:

First of all, every 11 years our Sun goes through what's called a solar cycle (pole shift, magnetic reversal). During the peak time of the cycle, the Sun's magnetic poles switch. The magnetic field of the Sun does a 180. But remember, this is a 180 degree magnetic flip. The physical part of Sun doesn't actually flip. Anyway, during the peak time of this "flip" sunspots and solar flares become more frequent. This is what's called the "solar maximum".

"Solar flares are pieces of the sun which leap into space, discharging radiation and strong electrical currents that travel outward into space. They often fall back to the surface of the Sun. Sometimes, a very strong flare, called a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), actually leaves the Sun and this deadly mass shoots out from the Sun towards the planets like a bullet. They usually don't hit anything, but they occasionally hit a planet like Earth. Most flares are small, but even a small flares can be dangerous. In 1989 a flare hit the North American continent and fried electric lines, zapped power grids in the US and Canada, and created large power blackouts. Flares can also effect our moods and physical health. In theory, a large flare impacting the Earth could zap the ionosphere and irradiate the surface, killing every living organism that it touched."

During early 2001, the Sun's solar cycle was completed and the Sun switched magnetic poles, so the Sun is due for another cycle in the year 2012.

Well, who cares if the Sun flips again? it flips every 11 years so why should should the next flip be any different?

The solar cycle of 2012 is more significant than any other for several reasons:

1. During this time, the two biggest planets in our solar system, Saturn and Jupiter, will be in line with each other. The gravitational effects of the two planets on the Sun will cause it to wobble during it's pole shift. This can have huge effects on the magnitude of the CME's the Sun will be tossing into space. The Earth regularly gets hit with small CME's and research says that the increased magnitude of these CME's are one of the major causes of global warming, and changes in the ecosystem.

2. Right now the Sun's south magnetic pole is in line with the Earth's north magnetic pole. Since opposites attract, the Sun, along with it's gravitational influence from Saturn and Jupiter, may cause the Earth to switch magnetic poles too! With the magnetic field of the Earth switching in a matter of minutes, there can be huge disruptions in the Earth's geological and ecological system. It can cause mass earthquakes and volcano eruptions all over the world. After it's all done, compasses will point South, the Sun will rise in the West and set in the East. But remember, this is a magnetic switch only.

3. The most far fetched possibility and probably the most catastrophic is the phenomenon called "polar wander". Polar wander is a result of the Earth's outer crust shifting at a rapid rate. The magnetic poles stay put but Antarctica becomes the equator and the tropics become the North Pole. I really don't have to stress why a polar wander could be catastrophic because if you picture a phenomenon like this happening in a matter of minutes, you can understand why. There is evidence of a polar wander occurring before in the distant past due to the fossils of Coral in Greenland and Woolly Mammoth bones found in Central America. Of course, in order for a polar wander to occur, it would take a huge amount of imbalance, like an asteroid collision, in the Earth to trigger it.

4. The final event that will occur on December 21, 2012 will be at 11:12 GMT. It's a phenomenon that the Mayans referred to as the "Sacred Tree" and it happens every 25,800 years. At that time, our Sun will line up directly with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. For thousands of years, our solar system has been hovering around the top of the galactic plane and this galactic alignment could have huge effects on our solar system.

The ecliptic cross over the Milky Way is at a 60 degree angle near the constellation Sagittarius. As such, it forms a cross with the Milky Way, and this cosmic cross was called the Sacred Tree by the ancient Maya. (The cross form was also known as the "crossroads." Amazingly, the center of this cosmic cross, that is right where the ecliptic crosses over the Milky Way is exactly where the December solstice sun will be in A.D. 2012. This alignment occurs only once every 25,800 years."

There is supposedly a black hole in the middle of the Milky Way holding everything together. Our solar system is around the outer edge of the disc. When our solar system lines up with center of the galaxy, we will be at the strongest part of the galaxy's magnetic field where there is maximum gravitation. So, with the Sun's solar cycle being at it's maximum, the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter, and the alignment of the sun with the equator of the Milky Way, this will REALLY cause an increase in the magnitude of the Sun's solar flares. Of course the gravitational complexities will also have an influence on whether or not the Earth will undergo a magnetic pole shift. There is also speculation that the Earth may reverse its rotation since we'll be in the opposite hemisphere of the galaxy!

"According to the Mayas, the center of the Galaxy is the cosmic womb; The place of dead, transformation, regeneration and rebirth. This moment shows the end of their calendar."

There are a lot of questions that will be answered in the year 2012. Although the Mayan calendar has a mystery on a specific date, some of the scientific complexities will gradually become observable. Depletion of the ozone, increase in volcanic activity, and changes in weather patterns

are all natural results of some of the events explained. However, whether or not the Mayans had some sort of insight into the future will remain a mystery.


 -------------------------------------------------       --------------------------------------------------

The Risk of Asteroids

The following is what NASA says about the risk of Asteroids:

With an average interval of about 100 years, rocky or iron asteroids larger than about 50 meters would be expected to reach the Earth's surface and cause local disasters or produce the tidal waves that can inundate low lying coastal areas. On an average of every few hundred thousand years or so, asteroids larger than a kilometer could cause global disasters. In this case, the impact debris would spread throughout the Earth's atmosphere so that plant life would suffer from acid rain, partial blocking of sunlight, and from the firestorms resulting from heated impact debris raining back down upon the Earth's surface. Since their orbital paths often cross that of the Earth, collisions with near-Earth objects have occurred in the past and we should remain alert to the possibility of future close Earth approaches. It seems prudent to mount efforts to discover and study these objects, to characterize their sizes, compositions and structures and to keep an eye upon their future trajectories.

Because of the ongoing search efforts to find nearly all the large NEOs, objects will occasionally be found to be on very close Earth approaching trajectories. Great care must then be taken to verify any Earth collision predictions that are made. Given the extremely unlikely nature of such a collision, almost all of these predictions will turn out to be false alarms. However, if an object is verified to be on an Earth colliding trajectory, it seems likely that this collision possibility will be known several years prior to the actual event. Given several years warning time, existing technology could be used to deflect the threatening object away from Earth. The key point in this mitigation process is to find the threatening object years ahead of time so that an orderly international campaign can be mounted to send spacecraft to the threatening object.

One of the techniques suggested for deflecting an asteroid includes nuclear fusion weapons set off above the surface to slightly change the asteroid's velocity without fracturing it. High speed neutrons from the explosion would irradiate a shell of material on the surface of the asteroid facing the explosion. The material in this surface shell would then expand and blow off, thus producing a recoil upon the asteroid itself. A very modest velocity change in the asteroid's motion (only a few millimeters per second), acting over several years, can cause the asteroid to miss the Earth entirely.

However, the trick is to gently nudge the asteroid out of harm's way and not to blow it up. This latter option, though popular in the movies, only creates a bigger problem when all the pieces encounter the Earth. Another option that has been discussed includes the establishment of large solar sails on a small threatening object so that the pressure of sunlight could eventually redirect the object away from its predicted Earth collision.

 ------------------------------------------------        -------------------------------------------------

Forget Big Asteroids: It's the Smaller Rocks That Sneak In and Blow Up
By Leonard David
SPACE.com’s Space Insider Columnist
posted: 05 October 2010

Put aside the vision of Bruce Willis wrestling with huge space rocks threatening to doom Earth "Armageddon"-style. It turns out that people should be more worried about smaller space rocks that explode in our atmosphere.

While smaller than Earth-busting asteroids, these "airbursters" — like the space rock that exploded in 1908 high over Tunguska, Siberia — are more immediate threats, scientists say. They can cause localized destruction and may intrude in our airspace with little warning time.

When an airbursting asteroid, called a bolide, exploded over an island region of Indonesia late last year, it rocked the residents' world with an estimated energy release of about 50 kilotons, equal to some 110,000 pounds of TNT. Such objects are expected to impact the Earth on average every two to 12 years.


Physics of airbursts

The risks of exploding asteroids and the need to keep watch for hazardous near-Earth objects took center stage at September's Space 2010 conference in California,  sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

"We used to think that the only real threat was from impacts that hit the ground ... and that the atmosphere would protect us from the small ones," said physicist Mark Boslough of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M. "We never really thought about the physics of airbursts. ... There hasn't been that much research."

Given his modeling of airbursts, Boslough pointed out that smaller NEOs detonating in the atmosphere release intense heat and create very high blasts of wind that can reach the ground.

"So yes, you do have to sweat the small stuff," Boslough told SPACE.com.

Also, a space rock big enough to make it deeper into the Earth's atmosphere before it explodes can result in a sizzling jet of gases that incinerates anything volatile on the ground. Vegetation would be vaporized. Rocks would melt to form glass — in short, a hellish explosion.

A similar situation is thought to have occurred in the Libyan desert some 30 million years ago, Boslough said. The region was strewn with surface material fused into glass. Large deposits of shattered glass were discovered where there should be none.

"Just statistically, it's almost certain that the next destructive impact will be an airburst," Boslough said.

More and more of the big NEOs are being found, he said, so the statistical probability of Earth getting slam-dunked by a large object is going down. "But there are many, many more small ones," Boslough said, advocating a priority on spotting less hefty, imminent impactors. "If big dollars are to be spent, I think they should be spent on more telescopes."

If a small NEO were discovered, say, two weeks in advance, "we have no choice but to take the hit," Boslough said.

In terms of planetary defense and mitigation efforts, Boslough advised focusing more attention on small airbursting objects, with "mitigation being a form of civil defense."

"We need to find them before they find us."

     -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

The Mystery of what happened in Tunguska, Siberia, in 1908

By Robert Roy Britt
Editorial Director,

Ever since something generated a huge explosion over Siberia in 1908, flattening an area as big as a large city, scientists have been trying to figure out what caused it. Among the enduring mysteries: Following the explosion, the night skies shone brightly for several nights across Europe all the way to London, 3,000 miles away.

Astronomers have long known the culprit was either a comet or an asteroid. Based on the lack of a crater, scientists say the object did not smack into the ground, but rather exploded above the surface, the damage being done by the resulting shock wave.

Cornell University engineering professor Michael Kelley figured the bright night skies after the Tunguska event must have been the result of noctilucent clouds. And since they require water vapor, Kelley assumed a comet was the culprit.

How it might have happened

The explosion on June 30, 1908, flattened some 500,000 acres (2,000 square kilometers) of Siberian forest. Estimates are the Tunguska Event was as strong as at least 10 megatons of TNT and perhaps a thousand times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Just last year, many experts were figuring it was an asteroid. But Kelley's team thinks a comet fits better, since comets are loaded with water ice (asteroids are mostly rock and metals). The comet would have started to break up at about the same altitude as the release of the exhaust plume from the space shuttle following launch, they calculate. In both cases, water vapor was injected into the atmosphere. There is no model that predicts that," Kelley said. "It's totally new and unexpected physics."

Kelley and his colleague say a new model of upper-atmospheric physics is needed. They propose counter-rotating eddies with extreme energy. Once the water vapor got caught up in these eddies, it traveled very quickly -- close to 300 feet per second, they write in the June 24 issue of the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

"Our observations show that current understanding of the mesosphere-lower thermosphere region is quite poor," said Charlie Seyler, Cornell professor of electrical engineering and a co-author of the research paper.

 -------------------------------------------------       --------------------------------------------------

Alignment of Planets

--------------------------------------------   ------------------------------------------------

 The following videos give you some idea about the disasters that may happen in the upcoming years:


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