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 Abd-Raheem McCarthy


Abd-Raheem McCarthy is an Irish-American Islamic speaker and lecturer.

After accepting Islam in 1994, he moved to Sudan and then Saudi Arabia where he spent ten years in Madina studying Arabic at the Arabic Institute and Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Madina.

He is well known from his TV shows on Peace TV, Huda TV, Tayba TV, Sharjah TV and Qatar TV, along with lecturing internationally with the Peace Conference in India and Dubai, and conferences in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Qatar, UAE and Sudan.

He served as the Head of the Islamic Studies Department in the Sudanese Oxford Academy, Khartoum, Sudan for more than five years.

He has now decided to follow his roots and is living in Ireland, while supporting Da’wah projects internationally.

2008 - 2009: British Educational School, Khartoum, Sudan

Teacher * Teacher of Islamic Studies * History teacher * Boys basketball coach.

2009 - Present: Sudanese Oxford Academy, Khartoum, Sudan * Head of Islamic Studies department * Teacher of Islamic Studies in both Arabic and English

OTHER EXPERIENCE * Da'ee with World Organization for Propagating Islam, Madinah, Saudi Arabia, 2006 * Da'ee with Dhi Nurain Charity Organization, Khartoum * Da'ee with Al-Meshkat Charity Organization, Khartoum * Lecturer at Welcome to Islam Organization, Khartoum * Frequent lecturer at Islamic Culture Association, University of Medical Science and Technology, Khartoum. * Lecturer at the Da'wah Center of the International African University * Frequent lecturer in the mosques of Khartoum (in Arabic) * Weekly TV show on Tayba TV Channel, Khartoum * Sharjah TV, UAE * Khateeb Masjid Sudan Pet, Khartoum


1998-2006: Islamic University of Madinah
BA. From the college of Dawah and Usool ad-Deen

1996-1998: The Arabic Institute for Non-Native Speakers
Associates degree in Arabic Language- Graduated with a standing of very good

OTHER SKILLS * Commanding grasp of the Arabic language * Ability to teach in both Arabic and English * Strong leadership skills * Good with working with children and colleagues * Studied the Maliki and Hanbali Madhaahib

Studied and benefited from more than a 100 different scholars.


How I became a Muslim - Abd Raheem McCarthy


Secrets Behind The Prayer - Abd-Raheem McCarthy




Purification Of The Soul - Abd-Raheem McCarthy



Duty of Calling People To Islam - Abd-Raheem McCarthy





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