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The End Times:

Based on

Numerical Analysis of

the Quran, Hadith,

Arabic Words, and

Historical Events.

Imam Mahdi in 2014

Jesus Christ (p) in 2022







Being one of the largest Islamic sites, our site offers hundreds of free online videos/ books, Islamic TV Channels, lots of information about Islam, Muslims, Bible's prophecies about prophet Mohammad (p), scientific facts in Quran, and stories of converts/ reverts to Islam.

The purpose of this site - Discovering Islam - is to enlighten the inquiring minds about Islam, by shedding light on the beliefs and practices of the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world. Islam is a universal religion and open to people, from all races, colors, ethnicities, and nationalities. Hundreds of thousands of people are converting/reverting to Islam each year. Discover why these converts/ reverts choose to be Muslims and adopt/embrace Islam as their religion.


We strive to make your journey in discovering Islam informative, intellectually stimulating, and enjoyable. Discover and explore Islam, God's religion:

I. The Principles, History, and the Amazing Aspects of Islam

- The principles of Islam: Beliefs & Practices

- Allah is God / Yahweh (Jahovah) Who/What is Allah ? Does the word "Allah" have any meaning? Is Yahweh mentioned in the Quran ?

- History of Islam, Islamic Civilizations, and Prophet Mohammad's Life (TV shows & movies about the history of Islam & Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) including the diverse Islamic societies, cultures, and civilizations. This section contains several special TV interviews with leading Western experts on Islam, produced in the U.S. and the U.K.

- Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم Who he was, his life, miracles, Hadith (sayings), prophecies about Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) in the Bible as well as in scriptures of other religions.

- Islam's Miracles and Scientific Facts in the Quran & Hadith Many amazing scientific facts are mentioned in the Quran that could not possibly have been known at the time of Prophet Mohammad. Many of these scientific facts have only been discovered recently by scientists using modern technologies that were not available 1400 years ago. In comparison, the Bible is full of false scientific information.

- Evolution: The last gasp of a dying dogma an article by Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud about Evolution vs. Islam .

- The Quran The unique and amazing aspects of the Quran.

- Non-Muslims Testify Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims expressing admiration for Prophet Mohammed صلى الله عليه وسلم and Islam or supporting some of the views of Muslims.

- Prophet Mohammad's Companions


II. Obligatory religious practices in Islam

- Pilgrimage & Ka'ba (in Mecca)

- Praying and Cleansing the Body:  Learn how to pray, perform Wudu (pre-prayer cleansing of some parts of the body), and Ghusul (full-body cleansing). Discover the amazing Health Benefits of Islamic prayers.


III. Shiism vs. Islam

- The beliefs of the Shia (Shiites) vs. the beliefs of Sunni Muslims We attempt to shed light on the doctrines of Shiism and how they differ from pure Islam as preached by prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم.


IV. Christianity vs. Islam

- Christianity What is wrong with Christianity! Islam's view of Christianity, Similarities & Differences between Islam & Christianity, Erroneous & False Christian Doctrines, Contradictions in the Bible.

- Islam's view of Jesus & Christianity

- Christianization Dirty proselytization tactics of Christian missionaries, especially in Third World countries

- Fake Converts to Christianity Most of the individuals claiming to be converts from Islam to Christianity are liars and have never been Muslims


V. End of Time Prophecies, Apocalypse & Eschatology

- The End of Time Signs of the Day of Resurrection (Doomsday, Day of Judgment, Last Day, etc.), the expected advent of the Mahdi, the Anti-Christ, and the return of Jesus Christ, etc.


VI. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Islam

- Questions & Answers (Frequently Asked Questions & misconceptions about Islam by non-Muslims, posed by particularly by haters of Islam & Islamophobics)


VII. Islam in Real life

- Women's Issues in Islam Status of Women in Islam, Hijab, and other issues about women, etc.

- Living like a Muslim American & British TV series about non-Muslims who chose to experience living like Muslims for a couple of days to several weeks.

- True Face of Islam American TV series about Muslims and Islam in America.

- Spirit of Islam discussion among group of American Muslims.

- Quran Study Group

- Famous Muslims

- Muslim Comedians


VIII. Converts to Islam

- Videos of Converts/Reverts to Islam Probably the largest collection of videos about converts to Islam on the internet, from all over the World, categorized by their country. Thousands of People from all walks of life and from all over the world are converting to Islam. You can contact these converts and learn directly from them why they chose Islam

- Stories, in written form, of Converts/ Reverts to Islam (Articles describing stories of some of the prominent or historical individuals who converted to Islam)


IX. Distinguishing between Arabs & Muslims

- Arabs (Arabs' ethnicity, population, countries, language, culture, etc.)


X. Islamic Lectures & Debates

- Islamic Lectures, Debates & Interviews (Huge collection of free, video-taped Islamic lectures)


XI. Islamic Resources (Quran, Islamic Books, web sites, etc.)

- English Translations of the Quran We have 8 different English translations of each verse of the Quran.

- Islamic Resources (List of other Islamic organizations, Islamic sites where you can find Islamic books & valuable information, etc.)

- Other Topics (Miscellaneous videos about various Islamic topics)


XII. Evil Forces ruling our World

- Terror & Evil Forces ( Terrorism, who actually orchestrated 9/ 11, Zionists, Free Masons, New World Order, Satanic Cults, etc.)


XIII. Articles by Muslims

Articles/ Blogs by A. Moussa مقالات عن مواضيع مختلفه معظمها باللغه العربيه Articles on various topics, mostly in Arabic, but some of them are in English. Please note that because there are lots of articles on this page, it may take longer time than the other pages, to view online. You can alternatively download the file of the articles by clicking here.

The author of these articles, Mr. A. Moussa, is NOT associated with us. The views expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect our views.

Mr. A. Moussa is interested in getting feedback from the readers, so let him know your opinion regarding his articles. You can contact Mr. A. Moussa at his email address : emfMoussa@gmail.com


XIV. Islamic TV Channels

Watch on the screen below, free of charge, the following Islamic TV Channels: 1) Islam Channel 2) Guide us TV 3) Huda TV


Choose the channel you want to watch:






Islamic TV Channels:


- To watch Peace TV, click here This TV channel was founded by Dr. Zakir Naik. It features lectures by top Muslim scholars.

- To watch Al-Afasy TV (to view it, click here) . It is a live TV channel broadcasting, 24 hours a day, recitations of the Quran by Kuwaiti Shaikh Mishary Al-Afasy. He is probably the best reciter of the Quran today ! He has a great voice & recites in a non-traditional style.


XV. Our Site

- Contact us

- Table of Contents / Site Map / Index (shows links to all pages in our site)

- Search our Site


Important Announcement



Discovering Islam, in association with End Times Research Center, is pleased to inform you about a great book :


The End Times : Based on Numerical Analysis of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events



The latest research of End Times Research Center indicates that, in-sha-Allah (if Allah is willing):

(a) The first phase of the End of Time will start (and the Imam Mahdi will appear) most likely in 2014.

The probability for the beginning of the End Times is as follows:

   Year 2014            55 %

   Year 2015            40 %

 After Year 2015    5%

(b) Jesus Christ (p) will come down from Heaven in 2022, but the World will not end in 2022.

Currently, the book is available in pdf format and can be downloaded 100% FREE of charge at : www.EndTimes2014.com


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